performance ‘Surreal’ Dance: Paolo Cingolani, Sasha Krastarska Национален студентски дом December, 2022 – Sofia (BULGARIA)

movement alchemy

Training for ‘Serata Baudelaire’

Training for the performance’SERATA BAUDELAIRE’. presented on 16 OCT 2021 in Chiesa di San Francesco, Lucca (ITALY). Dance: Paolo Cingolani Voice: Claudio Ascoli August, 2021 – Firenze (ITALY)     …

action first substance

The basic substance: ACTION

The basic substance: ACTION Every ACTION is single (unique) and positive. Single because each action put in place excludes all other possible actions. Think of a number from 0 to …

analogies between alchemies

Analogies between alchemies

Analogies between traditional alchemy and Movement Alchemy The basic concept of traditional alchemy is the idea of transformation and transmutation. In alchemical thought, every material thing arises from a common …

why movement alchemy?

Why Movement Alchemy?

Why the name Movement Alchemy? In recent years, my work has been organized into a regular practice involving both my years of activity in contemporary dance and a range of …