The basic substance: ACTION

The basic substance: ACTION

Every ACTION is single (unique) and positive.

Single because each action put in place excludes all other possible actions. Think of a number from 0 to 100 (possibilities). Now enunciate that number (actuality). In enunciating it, all other numbers are excluded; they remain confined to the world of possibilities and dreams. In this view, action works: many actions are POSSIBLE, but in the moment of ACTION, only one can be done. Hence its strength, the singularity and uniqueness of each action performed.

Positive because there is no such thing as a negative action. A pause in a movement sentence is still an action; inhibiting an action is always a positive action of inhibition. The reason for the positivity of each and every action is that all actions live in the flow of time, and there is no way out of this temporal flow.


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