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Short dance film

How would we react if we found out that everything
we experience is just fiction?

Project details

Film & Editing: Paolo Cingolani

Concept & Writers Claudia Pelliccia
Glòria Ros Abellana
Paolo Cingolani

Production: Radio Babel

Cast: Claudia Pelliccia
Glòria Ros Abellana
Paolo Cingolani

Camera: Radio Babel
Pere Farré Esteve

Photography: Carles Ros Abellana
Marta Esteve Albet

Post-production: Alba Elizabeth Martinez Vargas

Costume designer: Radio Babel

Music composer: Paolo Cingolani

Voices soundtracks: Claudia Pelliccia
Glòria Ros Abellana
Paolo Cingolani

Location: Shot on location during a residence at Konvent Zero in Berga

Special Thanks Konvent Zero

Released on: December, 2020

copyright©Radio Babel

The movie revolves around the subjects of letting go and remembrance, as it narrates the delusional and melancholic story of three characters. The evolution and relationship between them comes forth through the layers of different time dimensions and merged scenarios, evoking what is the weight of memory that we manage to handle and the unanswered question of what we take for real.

One of the walls that human beings will never overcome are the filters of consciousness. Our nature already has a way to trick the conscience: dreaming. As a process characterized by the perception of apparently real images and sounds, it is a concrete example of how what we consider "true" is actually confused by the immense power of awareness and its alterations.

Official selection for the SERBEST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (SIFF) 2021