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Short dance film

Mitreo is the dark cave, the ancient place of origin
from where new styles and languages come to life.

Project details

Direction: Ines Scumace

Dance / Concept: Paolo Cingolani

Camera: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Video-editing: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Post-pro: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Original Soundtrack: Oscar de la Sierra, Orlando Cacciola “Ndujabitz”

Location: Fundaciò Caixa Forum,
Espai Francesca Bonnemaison (BARCELONA),
Comune di Sutri (ROMA).

Released on: April, 2011

‘Mitreo’ was born with the intention to explore new relationships between the worlds of video and instant dance composition.

The result of this coupling is a story of two characters who transform themselves through a shared journey, using dance, architecture, sound, and landscape as the means for communication and transformation.