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Paolo Cingolani

dance teacher

My work has an artistic purpose, but its implications touch the fields of self-knowledge and personal research. This broad approach to dance allows me to play on various levels with movement and poetry.

For more than 20 years I have been practicing dance improvisation and instant composition as well as contemporary dance and choreography. In parallel, I regularly practice Qi Gong and Tai-Ji Quan as disciplines that refine my body and mind.
Only in recent years have these various disciplines been integrated into a movement practice I have called Movement Alchemy.

My artistic profession is enriched and complemented by teaching dance. My performances, as well as my classes and seminars, are offered in different schools and institutions throughout all Europe. The work embodies the poetry of movement and simultaneously a path of personal growth in the world of contemporary stage art.

Know yourself
to make art.



My professional activity involves two fields that are interconnected with each other:

The performances I propose are based on the immediate, spontaneous and intuitive approach to movement and voice. As performer, my interests are direct to solo and group compositions, on site-specific as traditional theatre stage, collaborating with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers.
I group all my workshops and classes under the umbrella of Movements Alchemy. Within this practice are contained improvisation and instant composition workshops, Qi Gong and Tai-Ji Quan classes, contemporary dance classes. The pedagogical path I propose, is characterized by a specific training to create dance and theatre pieces.

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Video Collection

My personal interest is focused on the video-dance language to create short films that touch the dance, the human relations, and the symbolism of both as well. Most of my projects are self-produced.

Allen's Line Company

Since 2012 I'm part of Allen’s Line Company of the director and poet Julyen Hamilton. The central theme is the work with dance, space, text and voice orchestrating all and each of these elements and doing it all on the fly as an instant composition in performance. Letting these areas of expression be made and housed all together, their individual qualities constantly interacting at different levels, weaving a whole, multi layered expression.
Allen’s Line presented its pieces in various theaters and festivals all around Europe.

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