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Short dance film

What truly lies under the surface of human relationships?

Project details

Direction: Paolo Cingolani

Production: Radio Babel

Cast: Anna Heuer Hansen
Claudia Pelliccia
Glòria Ros Abellana
Paolo Cingolani
Penny Chivas
Theano Ksidia

Camera: Radio Babel
Jairo Guerrero Valle (drone)

Director of Photography: Julyen Hamilton

Video-editing: Paolo Cingolani

Post-production: Alba Elizabeth Martinez Vargas

Costume designer: Anna Heuer Hansen
Claudia Pelliccia
Penny Chivas

Music composer: Paolo Cingolani

Title designer: Glòria Ros Abellana

Location: Shot on location during a residence at Arlequi House in Banyoles, Catalunya

Special Thanks Anna Borredà

Released on: March, 2020

copyright©Radio Babel

Beneath is a short film that uses the language of dance, voice and music to penetrate this theme in an experimental form. Beneath doesn't tell one story, but many layered stories. It offers no conclusion as to what lies under the surface of human relationships, but presents many realities made of memories that fade and deform; memories that at each present moment are transformed and modified according to the current situation. In Beneath the memory of the past and the desire for what should be, permeate and alternate in a series of characters and dances in a noir and gloomy, ethereal and illusory atmosphere.

Official selection for the SERBEST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (SIFF) 2021