Where is the mind? – CHAPTER 3

Where is the mind?

In these summer days, I have taken some time to create a column entitled: “Where is the mind?”.

It is a collection of some texts, quotes and anecdotes that can facilitate the theoretical understanding of the work transmitted within my dance workshops.


CHAPTER 3: Walking

Thomas Traherne, English poet (1623-1674), 

To walk is by a thought to go;

To move in spirit to and fro;

To mind the good we see;

To taste the sweet;

Observing all the things we meet

How choice and rich they be …




Long before the Romantics espoused such a view, the seventeenth-century poet Thomas Traherne – whose work only became widely available, or known about, in the early twentieth century – was praising the power of a good long walk to stimulate the mind.

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