Where is the mind? – CHAPTER 2

Where is the mind?

In these summer days, I have taken some time to create a column entitled: “Where is the mind?”.

It is a collection of some texts, quotes and anecdotes that can facilitate the theoretical understanding of the work transmitted within my dance workshops.


CHAPTER 2: A Sufi story

From the STORY OF the Young Man and the Sufi Sage

Once upon a time, a young man approached a wise Sufi sage and asked to be freed from his mind’s turmoil in order to attain inner peace. The sage responded that he could assist, but only if the young man brought his mind as an offering.

Determined, the young man embarked on a journey to find his mind. He traveled across mountains, rivers, and deserts, searching everywhere, but he couldn’t locate his mind. Years passed in his relentless quest. Eventually, exhausted and perplexed, he returned to the sage and admitted his failure to find his mind, despite all his efforts.

With a smile, the sage told him that this was the very point.

“I freed you from your mind” – the Sufi said.


The Story of the Young Man and the Sufi Sage
The Story of the Young Man and the Sufi Sage

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