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Project Details

Direction: Ines Scumace

Dance / Concept: Paolo Cingolani

Camera: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Video-editing: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Post-pro: Ines Scumace, Alfredo Melido

Original Soundtrack: Oscar de la Sierra, Orlando Cacciola “Ndujabitz”

Location: Fundaciò Caixa Forum,
Espai Francesca Bonnemaison (BARCELONA),
Comune di Sutri (ROMA).

Released on: April, 2011

Mitreo is the dark cave, the ancient place of origin, where new styles and languages come to life.

‘Mitreo’ was born with the intention to explore new relationships between the worlds of video and instant dance composition. The result of this coupling is a story of two characters who transform themselves through a shared journey, using dance, architecture, sound, and landscape as the means for communication and transformation.

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