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Paolo Cingolani

dance teacher

My job is create dance and theatre performances through an immediate, spontaneous and intuitive approach to movement and voice.

I am a freelance performer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. The way I compose choreography and texts on stage defines my personal poetics in the use of movements and words. In addition to performing, I love teaching dance as the perfect union of body and mind.
For 20 years, in parallel to my career as a dancer, I have learned to practice and teach Tai-Ji Quan and Qi Gong. Contemporary dance techniques and Tai-Ji represent the two main branches of my formation as well as the basic practices of my training.

Know yourself to make Art!

Improving the participation of the body and the observation of the mind to create movements and choreographies.


Intuition and Spontaneity

The method focuses first of all on increasing trust in one's own intuition and spontaneity, and then on the creative aspect of action.

instant composition

Movements. words and objects

Using objects to create stories, through the physicality of the body into the meaning of the words.



Extremely active in the world of independent art, I continuously create and make dance pieces with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. As performer, my interests are direct to solo and group compositions, relation with live-music and use of unconventional spaces. The use of words and objects enriches the scene with different degrees of complexity. The multidisciplinary approach ensures that my creations possess different levels of interpretation. Poetry and prose alternate between dances and objects in one single performance.
Classes and workshops that I propose in are characterized by a specific training on intuition as the privileged tool to create material in performance. My teachings include a clear work on the body’s anatomy, as well a deep observation of the cognitive and emotional processes behind any movement.

Video Works

My personal interest is focused on the video-dance language to create short films that touch the individual, human social relations, as symbolic as well. As independent artist I managed during the last years to produce my own works with the collaboration of dancers, designers and music composers.
I’m also dedicated to create short videos for the web by my own from my travel all around the world.

Teacher of Qi Gong and Tai-Ji

Qi Gong (Subtle Energies Technique) is an ancient Chinese discipline dedicated to improving healty, physical, emotional and spiritual development.
The Tai-Ji is an 'internal style' of Chinese martial arts and, originally a fighting technique, is best known ourdays as a gentle gymnastics or preventive medicine technique.

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