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My job is create dance performances through an immediate, spontaneous and intuitive approach to movement and voice.

I am a freelance performer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. The way I compose choreography and texts on stage defines my personal poetics in the use of movements and words. In addition to performing, I love teaching dance as the perfect union of body and mind.
For 20 years, in parallel to my career as a dancer, I have learned to practice and teach Tai-Ji Quan and Qi Gong. Contemporary dance techniques and Tai-Ji represent the two main branches of my formation as well as the basic practices of my training.
Dance and Theatre
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Voice and poetry
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Instant composition
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In my performances I let the boundaries between dance and theatre, sounds and poetry merge into one single matter.

Extremely active in the world of independent art, I continuously create and make dance pieces with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. As performer, my interests are direct to solo and group compositions, relation with live-music and use of unconventional spaces.
The use of words and objects enriches the scene with different degrees of complexity. The multidisciplinary approach ensures that my creations possess different levels of interpretation. Poetry and prose alternate between dances and objects in one single performance.

I define the process of creating a dance piece as improvisation, while the product of that process is an instant composition. Both are two sides of the same coin.

The work is focused on the practice of instant composition as the most immediate and spontaneous form of art to create dance pieces and performances on stage. This clear intention of study makes the approach to the movement direct and pragmatic and, at the same time, it remains open to the personal poetic of each dancer.
The material that I propose in my classes is characterized by a specific training on intuition as the privileged tool to create material in performance. My teachings include a clear work on the body’s anatomy, as well a deep observation of the cognitive and emotional processes behind any movement.

Tai-ji and QI Gong are two ancient Chinese disciplines based on the laws of Nature.

Through a deep perception of our body, a greater muscle relaxation and a refined sensivity, I introduce the student to create movements in a natural and organic way, "effortless". Harmony, longevity, activity and quiet are the pillars on which the practice is based.
The principles of movement at the base of Tai-Ji and Qi Gong , in addition to the therapeutic benefits, are an effective tools to enjoy other activities such as martial arts, meditation, dance, sports and other disciplines.

Video Works

My personal interest is focused on the video-dance language to create short films that touch the individual, human social relations, as symbolic as well. As independent artist I managed during the last years to produce my own works with the collaboration of dancers, cameramen, designers and music composers. I’m also dedicated to create short videos for the web by my own from my travel all around the world.


I'm practicing Tai-Ji and Qi Gong for over 20 years. Since 2001 I'm a member of the “Associazione Culturale Amici del Tai-Ji Quan” founded in Rome under the direction of Master Dao-Gong Wu (www.amicideltaiji.it).

Since 10 years I'm teaching Tai-Ji Quan style Yang and Qi Gong (the 5 forms of "the Crane that Glides") according to the traditional Taoist principles.

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Qi Gong (Subtle Energies Technique) is an ancient Chinese discipline dedicated to improving physical, emotional and spiritual health. Through specific movements, natural and "effortless", the Qi Gong provides a high level of internal relaxation that stimulates and revitalizes the micro-circulation of the body.

Tai-Ji Quan (Yang Style)is an 'internal style' of Chinese martial arts and, originally a fighting technique, is best known ourdays as a gentle gymnastics or preventive medicine technique.

Both technique, when are integrated in the movement, improve the physical posture and functions of the various organs, stimulates self-defense of the immune system, gives a calm and emotional-spiritual harmony. The principles underlying these movements, in addition to the therapeutic benefits, are an effective tool to be applied to other activities, such as martial arts, meditation, dance, sports and yoga.

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(English translation below)
Sonno Profondo
sonno profondo

Sonno profondo

Elogio lo stato del sonno profondo
diretto al segreto della coscienza
osservo che l’Io lentamente svanisce
lo spazio si annulla e con lui tutto il mondo.

Tuffo notturno è il sonno profondo
comincia a colori di forma sottile
salta nei sogni…
…un viaggio in Cile…
un minuto è già un’ora e nemmeno lo sento
arrivo allo stato prima del Tempo.

Al fondo si ferma il viaggio dell’io
il tempo
lo spazio
son percezioni,
togli il soggetto e rumore di fondo
rimane il silenzio col suono di Dio...

…coscienza e mattino riprendono funzioni
la mente ritorna all’Io col suo mondo
gli occhi si apron, inizian le azioni….

Nel letto rimango un momento pensando
lo stato di veglia a mero intervallo
di un unico e vasto sonno profondo.

8 febbraio 2021

Deep sleep

I praise the state of deep sleep
directed to the secret of consciousness
I watch as the ego slowly fades away
space disappears and with it the whole world.

Deep sleep is a night dive
begins in colours of subtle form
jumps into dreams...
...a trip to Chile...
One minute is already an hour and I don't even feel it.
I arrive at the state before of Time.

At the bottom the journey of the ego stops
are perceptions,
remove the subject and the background noise
silence remains with the sound of God...

...consciousness and morning resume their functions
the mind returns to the ego with the world
the eyes open, actions begin....

I stay in bed for a moment thinking
the waking state to a mere interval
of a unique and vast deep sleep.

8 February 2021

Pesce gatto
pesce gatto

Pesce gatto

Sono un pesce gatto
e vivo nel fondo.
Oltre non potrei andare,
né potrei scavare.
Come potrei?!
Sono un pesce gatto.

Quando si dice “toccar fondo per risalire”
se sei un pesce gatto
perde significato e umore:
quando impari a vivere nel fondo
e lo trovi addirittura piacevole
come le “calde mura domestiche”…
…perché preoccuparsi di “risalire”.
Cos’è poi questo risalire?

Se sei un pesce gatto,
il fondo è solido e sicuro
non poi cadere più giù.

Certo, ho bisogno di cercare cibo
ma anche di trovare stimoli
per restar in movimento,
per continuare a vivere.

Quando sei un pesce gatto
tu razzoli per mangiare
e sul fondo del lago
danzi per sentirti vivo.

23 marzo 2021


I am a catfish
and I live at the bottom.
Beyond I cannot go
nor could I dig.
How could do it?!
I'm a catfish.

When they say "hit bottom to rise up”
if you're a catfish
it loses meaning and mood:
when you learn to live at the bottom
and you find it even as pleasant
like the "warm home"...
...why bother to “rise up“.
What does it means “rise up”?

If you are a catfish,
the bottom is solid and safe
you cannot fall any lower.

Sure, I need to look for food
but also to find stimuli
to keep me moving
to keep me alive.

When you are a catfish
you scratch for food
and at the bottom of the lake
you dance to feel alive.

23 March 2021

Mente Guerriera
mente guerriera

Mente guerriera

In questi tempi snaturati e racchiusi da menti nascoste
manca il sorgere di un nuovo Dio
di una mente guerriera e potente
di una volontà che arda il moderno io.

Mente guerriera, risorgi dall’antico passato scritto
dal coro della mediocrità
dell’uomo comune piatto ed inetto
soddisfatto e felice della falsa socialità.

Mente guerriera dal non facile aspetto
oltre questa burocratica crudeltà
oltre il morente Occidente cosiddetto
riportaci al mondo della vera realtà.

19 gennaio 2021

Warrior Mind

In these times distorted and enclosed by hidden minds
the rise of a new God is missing
of a warrior and powerful mind
of a will that burns the modern self.

Warrior mind, rise from the ancient written past
from the chorus of mediocrity
of the flat and inept common man
satisfied and happy with false sociality.

Warrior mind of not easy appearance
irradiate us
show us
lead us
beyond this bureaucratic cruelty
beyond the dying so-called West
lead us back to the world of true reality.

19 January 2021

Profitto Zero
profitto zero

Profitto Zero

Nel bianco copribocca
c’è chi impone nuove norme
si distanzia colui che tocca
chi è diverso, di altre forme.

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia
per un Campari sotto le stelle
disposti a subire la legge che sia
pure l’innesto di un chip sottopelle.

Non chiudetemi nel bianco o nero
non son contro né a favore,
medicina a profitto zero
per una società libera e migliore.

22 gennaio 2021

Zero Profit

In the white mask
there are those who impose new rules
is distanced the one who touches
who is different, in other forms.

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia
for a Campari under the stars
willing to suffer any law that it is
even the grafting of a chip under skin.

Don't close me into the black or the white
I am neither for or against,
zero-profit medicine
for a free and better society.

22 January 2021

Nascita della Primavera
nascita della primavera

Nascita della Primavera

Una breccia d’oro squarcia il cielo cupo
luce del mattino
schiaccia le nubi in forme ironiche, maldestre.

Vento d’inverno
spingi gli alberi in archi di tensione,
antiche generazioni di foglie resistono, ancora.

Gli eventi passano
se accettati,
altrimenti si deformano
in mostri ed ossessione,
che occultano la meraviglia
del cambio di stagione.

23 gennaio 2021

Birth of Spring

A golden breach pierces the gloomy sky
morning light
crushes the clouds into ironic, clumsy shapes.

Winter wind
pushes the trees in arcs of tension,
ancient generations of leaves resist, still.

Events pass
if accepted,
otherwise they deform
into monsters and obsession,
that hide the wonder
of the change of season.

23 January 2021


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